Class schedule

Theory Practice
1 31-May-17 Introduction Introduction to R: R code
2 7-Jun-17 Into to tables and Graphs Data in R: R code
3 14-Jun-17 Measures of Central Tendency and Variability Summarizing Data in R R code
4 21-Jun-17 Normal Distribution and Sampling Sampling in R R code
5 28-Jun-17 Estimation. Testing Hypotheses Estimation in R R code
6 5-Jul-17 Review. Measures of Association Hypotheses testing in R
7 12-Jul-17 Chi-squared. Analysis of variance Cross tabulation, Chi2 test in R
8 19-Jul-17 Introduction to Regression Analysis of Variance in R
9 26-Jul-17 Introduction to Regression Regression in R
10 2-Aug-17 Final Wrap up